Free Estimates for Fence Construction and Fence Repair

Harrison Fence provides free, no-obligation estimates for fence construction and repair. Due to the recent wind storms, the most efficient way to request an estimate is through our website – click on this simple form, and fill in the information that will allow us to respond quickly with an online quote.

In addition to your name, address and contact information, please be ready to answer a few simple questions:

1. What Type of Fence do you need?
Please let us know the material you desire: wood (cedar), steel (wrought iron style), vinyl, chain link, etc.
Please tell us the height of the fence. Most standard cedar privacy fences are 6-feet tall. Most municipalities in Boulder County set a height limit at 6-feet, however, fences in the City of Boulder are allowed to be built 7-feet tall if they meet the building codes for the city. The height of the fence will also help us determine how far apart the posts need to be set to meet the building codes. For example, some municipalities allow posts to be set 8-feet apart for a privacy fence, while others require posts to be set 5-feet apart. This will affect the price per-foot of your desired fence as it will determine how much materials will be used.

2. Fence Measurements
Walk the fence line or take a tape measure outside and measure the length of fence you need. You can easily measure the distance between two posts and then multiply that by the number of sections you need so you don’t have to walk and measure the whole fence line. By providing this information, we can respond quickly with an online quote to give you an idea of what your fence project may cost.

3. Project Description or Just Ask A Question:
This is where you can expand upon your description of your proposed project. Please let us know if there are other things to take into consideration for your project.
Things to consider:
Is there old fence that needs to be removed?
Does the property have a steep incline?
Is there landscaping that needs to be protected?
Are there trees and bushes in the fence line that would need to be pruned or removed?

After filling out the online contact form, Chrissy will reply with an online quote which will give you a good ballpark estimate to help budget for your fence project. You may also schedule an in-person estimate to discuss the project and look at the proposed site.

Chrissy and Brian are happy to meet with you for an estimate at your convenience.
Estimates are free and no-obligation.

If you choose to work with Harrison Fence, we accept cash, check and credit cards for payment. Payment is due at the time of service.

Harrison Fence schedules projects based on the date we receive an accepted contract (signed estimate returned to our office). Our installation schedule fluxuates throughout the year with our busiest time being in the Spring and Summer.

Harrison Fence installs fences year-round, so just because it’s cold outside, doesn’t mean we can’t help you with your fencing needs!



High Winds in Boulder County

The recent wind storms have done quite a number on fences over the past few days in Boulder County! Harrison Fence is working with homeowners to give accurate, fair estimates for repair or replacement of fences. Many homeowner’s insurance companies will cover the costs for fence repair or replacement when damage has been sustained from a wind storm – we can work with your insurance company on the repairs.

The hardest-hit areas seem to be the Table Mesa area of Boulder, as well as the Heatherwood and Boulder Country Club areas outside of Boulder. Northwest Longmont near Longmont Estates received some damaging gusts too.

If you have sustained damage to your fence, there are a few things to do while you’re waiting for an estimate and repair:

1. Remove any debris from the ground or that is not securely attached to the existing fence and place in an area where it will be out of the windy zone to avoid any further damage to people or property.

2. If possible, prop up the fence and tie it securely so your pets can stay in the yard, or if you have some wire mesh, secure a small area for pets to be outside.

3. Measure the length of the damaged fence and count the number of posts that need to be replaced, that information is very helpful when calling or sending an email estimate request. Many times we can give you a ballpark quote over the phone.

Thank you for considering Harrison Fence for all of your fencing needs in Boulder County, Colorado.


Building Fences in the Snow

Snowy weather in Boulder County Colorado has slowed down the installation schedule of Harrison Fence, but hasn’t stopped construction entirely! The crew continues to battle the cold weather and this week has spent much of their time shoveling paths along the fence lines to clear the way for new construction.

As I was driving over the past week around Boulder County, I had the opportunity to capture some beautiful pictures of the snowy weather. We’re still out and about doing estimate meetings and building fences, so don’t hesitate to request an estimate through our website. We look forward to the opportunity to bid on your fence project.

All Photos Copyright Harrison Fence 2012